What Snarky Is Blogging


It’s a no holds barred blog filled with laugh-out-loud stories, naughty humor, snarky advice and opinions, cool reviews and interviews, inappropriate language and a small side of serious. If you are easily offended – this BLOG is not for you, so run along now, for the rest of you, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


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11 thoughts on “What Snarky Is Blogging

    • yeah my cock size blog shocked and awed many, I guess I dont write for the masses . I have a hard enough time with the few articles i wrote for a few sites. I am slowing adding new and transferring stuff over from my previous blog. I see the ppl who make all the money on here or are hired out are the ones who do the 10 reasons why …or compare stuff…factual but informative. they may have an angle ive missed. I like sex, smut, snark and honesty. sex is what I know. I wish I could write erotic stuff like yours, but yeah, that isnt going to happen….=)


    • Agreed, but you would be surprised, people will see one of my normal blogs and than freak about the content and they should be happy, I havent transferred some of my other blogs over yet, LoL. I may have to get on that.


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