Hello Valentine or NOT?

Valentine’s day is almost upon us and inquiring minds aka me wants to know;

How many of you still exchange gifts, candy or other with your other 1/2 and what do you prefer to get/give and would you be upset if you didn’t receive anything….??

What about a hand written letter, better than a gift…??snoopy_love_valentine_freecomputerdesktopwallpaper_1280





4 thoughts on “Hello Valentine or NOT?

  1. We’re cheap and old. We celebrate afterwards when all the overpriced seasonal crap has been reduced 50% at Walmart. Does a post it note on the bathroom mirror count as a written letter?


  2. I don’t have an other 1/2… but if I did, I would go with making a handwritten card. I like to draw and I’m not horrible at it. So I could definitely come up with something clever. I think. I don’t even buy birthday cards anymore. Why do that when I can make my own? A little cardstock, some colored pencils, a cheesy limerick… boom… card.

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