Ghosts, Anyone?


Time for a good old book review.

If you follow my blog, well thank you, you may be the last person still reading my crazy shit. But as you know I don’t do a lot of book reviews. Probably due to the fact that my ADHD allows me to make it through like 2 paragraphs and then I am off doing something else.

But for the books I do make it through, then they deserve a book review.

So last week, I was booked to work as a background extra on the new MacGyver show in Atlanta. So I pull into town and check the local LaQuinta as its one of the few hotels that allow dogs these days. Well guess what, for some reason its booked and so is every LaQuinta in Atlanta. I know this because for 4 hours I went to 3 more and called the 3 others. So I had to cancel my booking and start the drive back to Nashville.

Thank goodness my boyfriend was with me this time. It was about 2 am by now and I was already tired of riding. So I talked him into now doing a mini vacation in Chattanooga, TN as I hadn’t been there yet.

So, he obliges.

We check into the La Quinta and crash almost instantly.

Okay, so around 11 am the next day we roll out of bed and decide we are gonna do all the cook things there is to do in Chattanooga.

Oh wait, we have NO idea what to do or where to go. So I go down and ask the lady at the front desk. Where is a good place to eat. She tells me about this place called the Mt. Vernon restaurant, a little mom and pop type place.

Sounds good to me, so I get the directions and we had out.

We pull in and the parking lot is full, that’s a great sign. Means it’s got to be good, Right?

So, we enter. The host is a friendly man and he welcomes us and gets us a table with no wait. We sit down and I have this really weird feeling. I lean over and tell my boyfriend. I really think this place was a funeral home once upon a time, there was just something that screamed death, lol. Okay it didn’t but there was just something odd.

So we eat out meals which mind you were great, they may have the best coleslaw in the south, it’s a must stop if you ever visit Chattanooga, anyway we finish our meal and the nice waitress comes over to give us our bill. I said can I ask you something?

She was like sure. I said what was this place before. She said oh, a Greek place and before that an Italian. I said NO, like before that.

She looks at me  with this 1/2 smile and whispers. It was a funeral parlor. I was like I knew it. I said there is just something, I don’t know, funeral home like. So there you have it, my intuition was right.

Okay, I’m getting off track. As I’m leaving the restaurant they have those visitor books of what to do and where to visit. So, I grab a bunch of them.

We get to the car and I said, let’s check out Lookout Mountain. So we head up the hill, now this place is gorgeous, the climb up is scarier than the view at the top just saying. So while up there, I suggest we go to Ruby Falls, this other really cool place to visit which has one of the largest indoor waterfalls in the world. Pretty cool.

So at the gift shop, I see this book. Haunted Chattanooga and I love that kind of stuff. So I purchase it. 20.00, not too bad of a price. It was written by two local girls.

So I scan threw the chapters and see two of the places I just was at in the book so of course read those chapters first and what can I say it had me hooked. I mean who doesn’t like to hear about ghostly beings who are hanging out on lookout mountain.

So, as I’m reading through. I see a few other really cool spots that maybe we should check out. Like the Chattanooga choo choo, you check in but you never check out. Another cool chapter and another cool place. You can actually eat on this train. It is not working anymore but they have a few cars open for restaurants and a gift store. I did not feel like and spirits were eating with me, walking by me or even hanging around, so I was bored.

Time to read maybe another chapter or two. So, a few more stops and a few more chapters and I already have this book almost finished. I must say, its an easy read and pretty interesting, who knew a little town in the mountains of TN could be so filled with haunted locations.

It wasn’t a horror book, I mean my heart didn’t race and the hairs on my arms didn’t stand up but it was a good, one thumb up book on the area and the haunted history of Chattanooga, its a must read if you plan on visiting soon and want to maybe check out where dead female boat captains hangout, or want to see little red bikes move by themselves.

So, yeah check it out.

On a side note:

Chattanooga really is a nice place, a must see if you are in or around the TN area.

Oh, but pass on the incline train ride, its Borinnnnnnng, so not worth the 25.00 dollars.




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