Fluffy White Unicorns


I find myself wanting to drink wine at 1 pm and blog about fluffy white unicorns, but then I remember I’m  trying to act at least somewhat normal today and honestly the only wine I have is some Apothic Red and its awful. Id rather drink really bad cough syrup *gags*.


Okay, let’s get back to fluffy white unicorns, shall we?  I recently took a vacation to Universal Studios, Hollywood. It was fantastic. Really it was, But, But, But. I am gonna fill you on some things they need to tell you BEFORE going.

If you budget 500 for the day, well double that, possibly even triple that amount. As a cup of coffee is 7.00 and the worst cheeseburger and fries you will ever have will cost you 13.00 bucks and you will spend at least an hour in the bathroom shortly after shitting *shrieks*.  Not sure if they put ex lax in the mix but wow is all I can say.

Oh psst, the Cinnabon’s are to die for. I’d pay whatever the price for one of those again, this time I just wouldn’t share it with 3 people, it would be MINE all MINE…~!!


I’m done drooling, *wipes my mouth*. Back to filling YOU in.

Harry Potter Land kind of freaks me out. I mean I understand the books and movies were great. Hell, I read them and saw them all. But when grown men and women are dressed up as students I am just a little worried and a bit weird-ed out and by dressed like, I mean full robes, pants, tights, skirts, ties, vests, scarfs and wands in hand. I sat and listened to dozens of people, grown up people talking full scenes, about magic and acting as if they are a wizard. Do these people know that Harry Potter isn’t real and that they cant really cast spells *ponders*. Oh and the butter beer, order it frozen trust me on this….~!!


Okay, where was I, dang ADHD. Oh yeah butter beer, its a must try if you are gonna do the whole Harry Potter thing, the line is long, like REALLY, REALLY long but hey its part of the experience. The rides were out of the world and it really was amazing, so amazing that my curious mind had to google how much that cost to build. Only 236 million. So how long does it take for that part of the park to pay for itself…?? Anyone?


NEVER take your phone in the park. I know, I know, your saying but I want to take pics of rides, people, food and do 101 check in’s. Well a week later and guess what I have NO phone. That’s right The Mummy ride was the last to see my Samsung. I thought I put it in my daughters purse but apparently it fell out or flew out, whichever the case. My trip to Universal Studios cost me 175.00 extra, just to replace my phone, which I’m still waiting for but that would be a whole different blog, maybe I’ll write that next. “How to deal with T mobile morons and phone company insurance techs” *slaps someone’s forehead, hard* and what YOU have no loaner phone? *just shakes my head*.

Now, lets’t talk about those unicorns. *says happily with lots of excitement*.

I am a realist, Wait what is the definition, be right back.


is a person who can look at things as they are and deal with it in a practical manner, or an artist or philosopher who believes in showing and discussing realism rather than visionary thoughts.

Okay, that isn’t me. I don’t do anything practical. I am all about ideas and thoughts. So much for that, huh. “Sorry about that”.

Let’s try this again. I am not delusional *smiles*.  I don’t really believe there are fluffy white unicorns who poop skittles and fart rainbows. But something about the fluffy unicorn from “Despicable Me” just makes me happy and makes me want to yell. “It’s So Fluffy, I’m gonna die”!

I am 45, is this wrong? *ponders*.

I seriously didn’t mean to push that 4 year old over to grab the big fluffy unicorn in the gift shop, oops *chuckles*. NO, I didn’t really push a kid over, so simmer down concerned parents. I did however pout a little when I had to be a realist and not pay 30.00 for a huge unicorn that I really had no way of stuffing into my already over weight luggage.

Thank god my man is a pilot and worked for the company, or this girl would of been leaving some stuff behind as 75.00 is pricey for anything over 50lbs.

Back to MY unicorn, while yelling “its so fluffy” loudly and acting like a 2 yr old. I realized that they make me smile. Kinda like cupcakes do. I mean how can you not love a mythical being like a unicorn. I mean don’t they make you want to dance and hoot and holler?


I didn’t end up with the 30.00 one, but I did pout long enough for my super terrific boyfriend to buy me the 13.00 key chain version, its on my focus board, dream board, goal board whatever you wanna call it, as you can see I have not many goals *laughs*. I am clearly in my own little unicorn world. Maybe I do need some wine,  or a trip to the nearest shrinks office, xanax for sure *sighs*.

But really ever just have that thing or moment that makes you feel really happy and childlike, stress free and just makes you feel like yelling, singing, dancing?


adjective hap·py \ˈha-pē\

If so, Id love to hear what it is…??

If not, well sucks to be you *nods* and *chuckles*.

Go find a unicorn, because I am NOT sharing mine….~!!

Well yeah that’s it, this blog is over, but trust me I’m back so who knows what you may read next. This one time at band camp, just kidding. I already wrote that blog or something kind of like it.

Happy Fluffy White Unicorns to You…~!!








4 thoughts on “Fluffy White Unicorns

  1. My wife lost her phone at Universal Florida, on a Harry Potter ride. Luckily, we called lost and found and were able to get it back the next day. Ok, I just noticed the post above mine and it’s weird, two people comment on your entire post and they are both about the phone… so… unicorns! 😀


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