I often wonder where did half my life go. I am 45. I am no where close to where I thought I’d be. I mean what the hell!

Where is my million dollar home, sports car (convertible for sure) Pulitzer’s, you know for that amazing book I never write/finish, a perfect body, no wrinkles and vacations to wherever, whenever.

Oh shit, Wake me up I’m dreaming again. Life is such a rip off. Now don’t go thinking I’m a negative Nancy. I don’t even know a Nancy, oh wait I take that back. I do *shrugs*.

I just thought my life was going to be different. I am 45 and still watch what I eat 4 days a week while eating like shit the other 3 days. I say I’m going to exercise but NEVER make it to the gym.

I complain about my love life, even though I’m happily in love. I watch my scale as much as I watch the tv. “Is that odd”? *chuckles*.

Now while my life seems to be so uneventful some days. Wow to the days that I live it to the fullest, it could rival any of those Real Housewife bitches *chuckles*.

I mean last month I worked as an extra on the ABC show “Nashville” and this month I have been in 5 states and its only the 13th but yet I still find myself wanting more, is this it, or will 46 bring even more or heck maybe it will bring less.

Did I mention?

I am still saving for a Louis Vuitton bag. I have like 2.36 cent saved. See, where I’m going with this.

45 and still dreaming.



8 thoughts on “45

  1. Ok, so… I started reading this and wondered… when did I write this? Too much alike. Way too much alike. Except.. you’re female. Yeah, there’s a difference.


  2. Yeah, isn’t it a trip? I go to the sporting goods store. Look around, and ask, “Hey where in the heck are the super models? I thought everyone is supposed have these ripped abs, where are all the huge bosom-ed people? Where are the dudes that have biceps as big as my legs? What the?” I realize, that all the folks are as mis-shapen as myself. Just buying clothes to look ‘sporty’. So I guess I fit in , after all. I am 45 as well. My body is like a new car with way way too many miles on it. Screw it! It would be a cruel cruel joke if my life is half over, but I guess the good die young, so I may have to accept that I will be here for awhile. It all sounds like Billy Joel to me.


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